Saturday, October 24, 2009

That's not my dinosaur...

Reading Violet's favorite book.


Violet played on the floor nonstop today. She rolled and crawled and grasped and chewed and did all her usual stuff. And then, right before our eyes, she pushed herself up from her tummy into a sitting position for the first time. Way to go V!

A day at the office

I rarely have to take work home with me, but on this day I had to dial in for a conference call. Violet was attentive and took copious notes.

Violet quickly lost interest in talking about the finer points of web-based application design so I tried to distract her with her first try at pieces of whole food (bananas). I think she got that it was food, but she couldn't quite manage to get them into her mouth. Oh well, it was fun trying.

Polka Dots Galore

Go Daddy!

This morning was a beautiful, crisp Austin morning that quickly turned into a typical hot Austin afternoon. In any case, Violet and I went out to cheer on Jeff and the TBG team as they raised money for Cystic Fibrosis and tried hard not to look like the Bad News Bears.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Toy Box!

Normally, I pick out a few toys each day for Violet to play with, but last week I set her in front of her little toy box and watched what she did. She easily tipped it over and took her time taking each toy out one at a time, inspecting it (i.e. putting it in her mouth), and setting it aside to grab another one. This lasted about 45 minutes.

PS I am not responsible for this outfit with the clashing reds.

Thug's Life

The cutest little tough girl ever.

Violet: 7 1/2 months and everywhere!

Violet is getting better and better at the crawling thing. She was playing under the dining room table this morning. She cried when I wouldn't let her chew on the dog's bone.

The Christie Clan

Friday was our nephew Cole's 7th birthday so Saturday Violet and I suprised him by showing up at his and Ben's soccer games. First was Ben's (Ben scored 2 goals)...
Then was Cole's (Cole scored 3 goals!)... here is Cole with his Grammy and Violet...

Then we stopped by to see baby sister Ainsley. Yup, she's still tiny!!! So great to hold an infant again. I totally remember Violet being that small, I jut don't remember how she grew so big!

Aunt Gigi and Ainsley...

Friday, October 16, 2009

All Done!

Violet has been telling us in no uncertain terms when she is "all done" with her food. Wednesday night she thought she'd had about enough of the pureed carrots and mango I was trying to feed her and she locked her lips up tight, and growled at me. She turned all red and made the meanest face I've ever seen. I'm scared of my 7 month old!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving my heart at home

The thought of leaving for Chicago to run a marathon is enough to give me a case of the nerves. Did my 5 months of training prepare me well for the race? Was I crazy to attempt this the same year Violet was born? Is there going to be wind?!? But mostly all I can think about is how I will be able to stand being away from Violet for 4 days. She's so fun right now, changing every day. I think that if she can gown and learn things at a breakneck pace, I should be able to maintain 10:16 for 26.2 in order to finish in 4:30:00.

I'll miss you this "squeekend", Violet. Have fun with Dad, Mom will be home soon.

Milestone: Crawling



Can't see me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random 7 month+ Pictures

My Project

Here is a picture of my project - a girlie pink toy box for Violet. 'cause every girl should have a place to keep her favorite things...and dress up clothes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Square Meals

This week Violet added fruits to her list of foods. Now she eats a veggie and fruit with her cereal twice a day. We started with banana and, no surprise, she liked 'em. I'm amazed at how much food she can eat!