Monday, November 29, 2010

Milestone: Vivian has a Belly Button

Vivan lost her umbilical cord "stump" today. She's 12 days old and is sporting a brand new belly button!!


This years Thanksgiving came with twice the blessings as we had both Violet and 1 week old Vivian to be thankful for this year. Grandpa and Grandma Robillard were visiting from NY for the weekend and Violet "helped" Mom and Grandma prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner was dee-licious and enjoyed by 4 generations: Great Grandma Robillard, Grandma and Grandpa Robillard, Grandpa Ned, Dad, Mom, Violet and Vivian. Oh, and Jagger was there too...under the table....chewing a golf-ball-sized hole in Great Grandma's pants!

Other highlights of the girl's weekend with the grandparents included a walk to the park, a trip downtown to visit the Texas State History Museum and lunch at Frank. But the best part was having G & G babysit so we could go out for a brief but enjoyable sushi dinner.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Speedy delivery! And that other guy in the photo is the fantastic Dr. Seeker!
Family photo
My girls!
Daddy's in love again...
I love this picture!

Vivian Ann Raudabaugh

BOY do we know how to make girls! Vivian Ann Raudabaugh was born yesterday, November 17th, 2010. She came into the world peacefully and continues to be yet another dream baby.

Our original due date was 11/14, and when that date came and went we ultimately scheduled an induction. The Pitocin started at 9am, broke my water at 9:20, and dilated to 9cm by 1:20. Vivian surprised us as a GIRL at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I felt as if I hadn't "earned" her since it was such a fast labor and delivery with hardly any pushing, but it was calm, peaceful and fun!

Her first day was a wonderful schedule of meet-and-greets with friends and family, feeding and sleeping. A couple of notes on that...she's an expert breast feeder already. Maybe because she's not quit as difficult to wake up as Violet was. Maybe because I'm experienced and perhaps a lot more relaxed, but either way it's been great to see her eating, sleeping, and pooping (A LOT) on an easy 3 hour schedule.

So now we have two daughters and we couldn't be prouder and happier. I'm excited for Violet and Vivian too - knowing first hand how special it is to have a sister.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Raudababy Too, 40 Weeks and 1 day

Raudababy's due date came and went yesterday. It was a relaxing weekend, but we were very much anticipating a baby coming at any moment so it was also an anxious weekend. This morning I had a doctor's appointment to check on the baby and everything looks great. RT's heartbeat was strong and baby seems to be doing just fine. I was hooked up to the monitor as well, but no contractions at all. Currently 2.5cm and 70% so doctor thinks I could go into labor in the next day or two. Either way, we are scheduled for an induction Wednesday, Nov 17th if baby doesn't come sooner.

Looking forward to a pre-baby pizza celebration with Violet's great aunts, Andrea and Nancy, tomorrow night. They'll be here to take care of Violet while we are at the hospital.

Stay tuned...updates to come.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It actually worked

Violet continues to wake us up at 5am (one time it was closer to 3), so my new strategy is to bring her back to her room. This morning is actually worked. Now she is playing quietly by herself, singing and talking and hasn't come in to wake us up yet. It's 7am. Time for coffee. I think I'll go play with her.

The Raudababy Too, on the other hand, continues to wake ME up every hour by sitting on my bladder. Let the sleep deprivation begin.