Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vivian Ann Raudabaugh

BOY do we know how to make girls! Vivian Ann Raudabaugh was born yesterday, November 17th, 2010. She came into the world peacefully and continues to be yet another dream baby.

Our original due date was 11/14, and when that date came and went we ultimately scheduled an induction. The Pitocin started at 9am, broke my water at 9:20, and dilated to 9cm by 1:20. Vivian surprised us as a GIRL at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I felt as if I hadn't "earned" her since it was such a fast labor and delivery with hardly any pushing, but it was calm, peaceful and fun!

Her first day was a wonderful schedule of meet-and-greets with friends and family, feeding and sleeping. A couple of notes on that...she's an expert breast feeder already. Maybe because she's not quit as difficult to wake up as Violet was. Maybe because I'm experienced and perhaps a lot more relaxed, but either way it's been great to see her eating, sleeping, and pooping (A LOT) on an easy 3 hour schedule.

So now we have two daughters and we couldn't be prouder and happier. I'm excited for Violet and Vivian too - knowing first hand how special it is to have a sister.

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