Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Milestone: Violet's First Haircut

Snip-It's. This place is awesome. Violet got the star treatment for her first haircut: Animal crackers, cartoons to watch, fairy dust (glitter), spray that made her hair smell like a cupcake, a hair bow, and a prize! You can tell she loved it by the tears and pouty face.

Pink Pancakes

Tunnel Time


This is one of my favorite mom moments. Not favorite as in a moment I'm proud of. More like favorite as in unforgettable.

It was a typical evening after work. Dinner time and I'm home alone with the girls. Violet is standing on a chair in the kitchen "helping" make dinner and Vivian is in her highchair eating a banana I'm cutting up for her. I see something out of the corner of my eye - it is Violet falling off the chair, face down on the tile floor. Now she's screaming so I instinctively drop what I'm doing and grab her up off the ground to make sure nothing is broken or bleeding. After I get her calmed down, I turn my attention back to Vivian, who is playing with the STEAK KNIFE I dropped on her tray. Yikes!

PS Everyone is fine and there was no blood, but GEEZ!

Morning With The Sedota's

We spent a beautiful morning at the park with my friend Cheryl and her family. Violet and Cheryl's son Dion have been friends since they were born, and I love to see them together.

Here is a picture of Vivian, waiting for the train. She has a black eye from a fight she lost with the cupboard and a scowl to match.

Dion peeking at Violet peeking at me

This is the corner flag on the soccer field, these two hoodlums ripped it out of the ground.

Vivian - 11 Months Old

Vivian - 11 Months, Violet - 32 months

Sumo Wrestler Baby

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Race Car Cart

Taking two little girls to the grocery store is a challenge unto itself. Now we have the added pressure of snagging one of the 3 race car carts. I cruise the parking lot looking in the cart corrals. The other day I saw one, and parked near it, but by the time we unloaded from the car someone had already grabbed it. Major disappointment, but we keep trying.

Vivian - 10 Months Old

She still doesn't have much hair. Good news is there is no such thing as a "bad hair day".

Morning at the Park

Pizza Party

This looked much better than it tasted. Sadly, my first try at making pizza crust was an epic FAIL. We had fun making it anyway.

A Morning with Leah

Here's Violet, dressed as a Belly Dancer, feeding the peacocks at Leah's house. She also picked and sampled fresh basil and other edible plants, and met all 8 kitties. She loved it!

Good Morning from The Raudababies

Violet & Alli Dance Party

Violet & Vivian Tea Party

I suspect this is the first of many tea parties. Violet (2 1/2), Vivian (10 months).

Potty Training: Phase 2

I think my first post about potty training was 10 months go, and today it doesn't seem any closer to a reality as it did then. Just like everything else with Violet, she'll do it when she's good and ready. This image of her clutching her diapers while sitting on the potty tells it all.

Breaking news...M&M's are a great motivator.

A Month Worth of V's

11 days until Halloween
35 days until Thanksgiving
66 days until Christmas

Hard to believe summer is over and we're about to launch into the holiday season. Time is truly flying and juggling it all is more than a full time job - oh and we've both got one of those too.

We've been so busy enjoying our summer that I haven't had a chance to post the last pics from summer. So prepare yourself, here comes a flurry of images of the girls from the last month. Topics range from potty training, to tea parties,to black eyes. Now get going - you only have 65 shopping days left before Christmas. Ahhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Milestone: Vivian's First Tooth

It's white and it's tiny and it's cute and it's sharp. It's Vivian's first tooth!