Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Aunt Jen introduced us to Flubber. Tonight we made our own batch and we babysat Alli. The girls played with it for hours. This stuff is amazing, Thanks Aunt Jen!!

Cook Visit - Day 4

The last day of the Cook visit and we had a BBQ with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a great visit. So fun watching all the kiddos play together. Grandma had three of her grand children there and five great grand children!

As an extra special treat we got to celebrate Aunt Rene's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Ne!!

Cook Visit - Day 3

Lake Travis!

Cook Visit - Day 2

What do you do when it's 108 degrees in Austin and you've already been to Deep Eddy? You go to Schiltterbahn!!!! This is a great place to take 10 and 12 year old boys. 3 year old Austin had a great time too. Violet wasn't so sure about it all so she and I spent most of the day in the kiddie pool.

Two generations of cousins
Ashna and Vivian played together with Aunt Jenny, they'll get to go when they are a little older.

Cook Visit - Day 1

It's 108 degrees and you're in Austin...what do you do? You go to Deep Eddy pool!
Aunt Rene and Vivian
My nephews
Trevor's mean face
Violet blowing bubbles

Bring Your Child to Work Day at frog

We call her Sticker Girl

Lunch Break

Corner Office

Milestone: Vivian Eats Table Food

Vivian had her first official non-mashed up, not pureed table food dinner last night. She loved feeding herself chicken, ravioli and peas!

Sadly Quiet

Aunt Rene and the boys left yesterday morning after an amazingly action-packed and fun visit. We swam in Deep Eddy Pool, ate lunch at Chuy's, enjoyed a day at Schlitterbahn and dinner with cousins, rode Jet Skis and swam at Lake Travis (named after Travis Cook, of course), and had a BBQ with lots of family. We all miss them and wish we could play together like that every day. Counting the days until we'll see them again in February.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Milestone: Vivian Pulls Up

Vivian hit two major milestones this week! The previous post describes her able to sit up on her own - found her sitting up in her crib this morning (time to lower the mattress) - and now she can also pull up to standing! I'm trying to get this one on video, but she's like the singing frog and will only do it when I don't have the camera.

The train table is no longer safe from her curious little hands...

Milestone: Vivian Sits Up

Vivian is able to push herself up to sitting from a lying down position This is great because before she could do this proficiently she would get very mad about being "stuck" on the floor and throw a fit. Happy to be at this new stage.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vivian - 8 Months Old

Tutu's at the playground

I ain't gonna lie...it's been hot. Real hot. But we still go to the playground and have fun. 'Cause no one minds the heat when you're at the playground.

Best Toys Ever

Pretty Little Ballarinas


Olivia and I had the same idea. We both bought Jello because we thought Violet would love it. We were both wrong.

Dinner and a Movie


Dancing Queen

A couple of clips of Violet dancing to a country band at a friend's wedding:

Pool Party

4th of July Festival

I guess we've been a little busy because it's August now and I'm just posting the 4th of July pictures. They're cute so it's worth the wait.

Vivian Raspberries

A walk in the park with Violet

I love seeing Violet's confidence at the park. It's her territory, the place she explores everyday, and she knows every inch of it. She showed me where the duck laid her egg. She follows her nose, and I just follow.

Conversations with Grandpa Ned

We didn't have video conference with the grandparents when I was growing up. It's interesting to me that the girls will never know life without it. I wonder what else will define their times.

7 Month Old Texan

Did you know they makes boots in size adorable?