Monday, November 29, 2010


This years Thanksgiving came with twice the blessings as we had both Violet and 1 week old Vivian to be thankful for this year. Grandpa and Grandma Robillard were visiting from NY for the weekend and Violet "helped" Mom and Grandma prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner was dee-licious and enjoyed by 4 generations: Great Grandma Robillard, Grandma and Grandpa Robillard, Grandpa Ned, Dad, Mom, Violet and Vivian. Oh, and Jagger was there too...under the table....chewing a golf-ball-sized hole in Great Grandma's pants!

Other highlights of the girl's weekend with the grandparents included a walk to the park, a trip downtown to visit the Texas State History Museum and lunch at Frank. But the best part was having G & G babysit so we could go out for a brief but enjoyable sushi dinner.

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