Saturday, November 28, 2009

Violet's First Thanksgiving

Violet's first Thanksgiving was great. Dad, Mom, Violet and Jagger walked the Turkey Trot with Deanna and Jay. Grandpa Ned drove in from The Woodlands, and we all went to Jim and Andrea's for the feast.

We decided to try Violet on "regular" table food, and what better than thanksgiving dinner?!?! She ate Turkey, mashed potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans, yams, and bread. LOTS of bread. Did I mention she loves bread?? She sat at the table and ate with the family. It was so much fun.

Later Violet napped on the couch with Grandpa while we watched home movies of Violet's great grandparents, Pappy and Grammy.

Violet's second cousin Katie was there and handed down tons of adorable clothes to Violet and Ainsley.

It was such a full day, Violet skipped her last bottle, fell asleep in her clothes and didn't wake up until morning.

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