Friday, December 11, 2009

NOW they tell me!

No one tells you to expect your baby to get sick once a month, and no one tells you that they will run a scary-high temperature for 5 days! And no one tells you that then they will run a scary-low temperature. And no one tells you that you can give Motrin and Tylenol because they do different things, and no one tells you that it's ok if your baby doesn't want to eat for those 5 days (as long as she drinks), and no one tells you that you have to go to the doctor four times in 1 week, and no one tells you that your baby will wake up crying in the middle of the night and feel like she is on fire, and no one tells you that you will sit and rock your sick baby for 2 hours while she sleeps because she just wants to be held, and no one tells you what it really means to be worried sick. And no one tells you that even though you don't think so when you are going through it, you (and she) will survive. Yeah, where was all that in the manual?!?!


  1. Wow, Regina. I hope everything is okay with V. Did she get sick again? They really told you that it is okay for babies to get sick once a month? I can't believe this. Maybe a stuffy nose here and there, but not a ton of high fevers. But then I guess I don't know anything. Link has not really been sick yet. I think it is because he does not eat any dairy or gluten, and these things really wreak havoc on your immune system, making you susceptible to catching more things. When Jeff and I took this stuff out of our diet, we pretty much stopped getting sick. You could try it with V. Maybe switch to a soy formula? And steer clear of anything with gluten. It is pretty easy when they are babies. Our nutritionist, who is also an immunologist strongly advised us against giving link gluten or dairy.

  2. Thanks Vanessa, I'll talk to my pediatrician about it Monday when we go for Violet's well check.