Saturday, March 27, 2010

Princess for a day

Not me...Katie was the princess! I just got to dress up as Snow White at her 6th birthday party!

Six year old girl at party: "What's your real name?"
Me: "Snow White"
Girl: "No. Your REAL name."
Me: "Snow White" (geez, kid)
Girl: "No it's not, your hair's too long" (referencing Snow White likeness on balloon).
Me: "I just didn't curl it, but I am totally Snow White."
Girl: "How old were you when you made the movie?"
Me: "20"
Girl: "How old are you now?"
Me: "21" (what is this 20 questions?!)
Girl: "So, it wasn't that long ago."
Girl: "Did you marry a Prince?"
Me: "Yes"
Girl: "Where is he?"
Me: "Right over there" (pointing to Jeff across the room)
Girl: "He doesn't look like a prince."
Me: "Well, he is to me." (now shut up and eat your freakin' cake!

1 of my dwarfs was shy and didn't pose for the picture
Oh...there she is...Grumpy.

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  1. What a beautiful Snow White you are!! Tell Grumpy Dion said hi :)