Thursday, May 6, 2010

Far, far away

I'm in a plane somewhere over the Southeast, flying back to Austin from Atlanta where I had a meeting this afternoon. Talk about a commute. I'm grateful for not having to travel all that much these days, but still when I do I miss my family terribly. A day trip to Atlanta means leaving before Violet wakes up and getting home long after she's in bed. I hate those days! Last night I tried to soak up all of her that I could in hopes that it would get me through, but no luck. I still missed her.

What's fun now though is the feeling of having Raudababy Too with me all day. So while Dad's at home taking care of V. I'm out here on the road with the one I'm growing and that's kind of a neat feeling.

Tonight, when I get home, I'll tiptoe into Violet's room and watch her sleep for a while. Then I'll go to bed and wake up, and it will be like Christmas morning because I'll get to get V out of her crib, and watch her point to the light, and the fan, and her books, and her animals painting as if it's the first time she's seen them - just like she does every morning.

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