Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girls Trip!!!

The girls and I had a great trip to Rochester this past weekend. Hard to believe we are back in Austin now, where it was 79 when we landed two days ago and tonight is supposed to be in the 20's!!!! What the !*@&!

Anyway, Violet is still talking about "cookie" the Guinea Pig, her cousins, "many airplanes", and pretzels so I know she had a great time. Vivian is still just a baby so I'm sure she has no idea what happened :)

While we were there we visited GG, had a playdate with Anna and Caitlin, went to Aunt Elizabeth's baby shower, and played in the SNOW! There is never enough time, but we packed a lot in and had a great time.

The trip up and back was just fine. Minimal delays and strangers were either helpful or else they just stared in wonder, which makes me think I must have been quite a sight. On the way home both V's slept the entire first flight and we played, read books, and ate snacks to pass the time on the second half. Violet was ready to be home halfway through the second flight, but I distracted her by singing and reading "Good Night Lake" about 1,000 times!!! There was one incident when it was time to put her seatbelt back on that she flopped down in the aisle screaming "NOOOOO!!!", but I grabbed her up with my one free hand and wrestled her into the seat while I avoided eye contact with all the other passengers.

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  1. Ummm you are either a genius goddess or completely insane!!!