Friday, March 23, 2012

Operation "Evict Boogies"

Yup that's right, operation. We confirmed at Violet's ENT appointment this morning that the hard-core dose of antibiotics and steroid did the trick. Unfortunately that magic cocktail only held the sinus infection off for barely a week before it came back again. So we are having her Adenoids removed and her sinuses opened up in an out patient procedure on April 4.

It's a little scary for us that she has to go under anesthesia, but we're told that the whole ordeal should be fairly easy for Violet.

It was amazing to see the dramatic results in Violet's behavior and overall demeanor when she was without congestion. She was a much happier kid. So, we're excited that this should give her the relief that she deserves and has needed for over a year now.

We'll be with you all the way, Violet!

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