Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Day of Pre-School

Here are the girls the morning I dropped them off for their first day of school at Cornerstone Mother's Day Out. The first day was great - Both girls were curious and excited to be there. Unfortunately after that first day Vivian had a rough transition for the next couple of weeks - crying horribly and the teachers had to peel her off of me. Hard on me, but I knew she'd work through it. 

Since then they both LOVE school and look forward to going every morning. We have a routine where we point out the train station on our way, then we go over the railroad tracks, then we go under the railroad tracks, then we see the school buses at the high school, and when we get to school we usually have a few minutes to explore outside before they are begging to go to their classrooms.

Violet's class is the Caterpillars; her teacher is Mrs. Jo and Mrs. Meena is the teacher's assistant. If you ask Violet what she likes best about school she will tell you making crafts. She also is very proud when she gets to bring the snack and be the line leader.

Vivian's class is the Ladybugs; her teacher is Miss. Kelsey and Miss. Jessica is the assistant. They are both very sweet and great with the young ones. If you ask Vivian what she likes best about school she will tell you "Friends!".

We are so proud of them. They are learning a lot and are very well-behaved at school. Mrs. Jo said that Violet is very good at participating and following the rules. Miss. Kelsey said that Vivian is the only one in the Ladybug class who says Thank You.

We're off to a good academic start!

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