Friday, July 24, 2009

Out of the box!

A quote from the nanny's notes today:

"Violet was very active today, played happily and the blanket is too small for her."

Apparently Violet rolled herself all the way across the living room. The girl cannot be contained!

Just for fun, here are some other noteworthy excerpts from Violet's Nanny, Olivia:
7/8 "Violet had a 'Traviesa' look" (Traviesa means mischievous in Spanish)
7/10 "Violet was very happy at the library, she enjoyed watching all the babies there."
7/21 "Violet had a different look, like playful, and talked a lot"
7/22 "We went to the playground today. Violet was admired by the children and had a good time swinging in the baby swings."

I look forward to coming home and hearing all about Violet's day. Olivia must think I am crazy because I ask so many questions. "What did she do today?" "Did she like it?" "Then what did she do?", and on and on and on... 

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