Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rochester or Bust

16 days until we leave for Rochester!!! Starting to get nervous about how traveling with an infant on a plane is going to go. Open to any suggestions, hints, insider secrets. No matter what, it will be worth the trip. We can't wait for my family to see how amazing Violet is at 5 months.


  1. The first time we traveled on a plane with James he was four months. He slept the whole time. Everything was pretty easy - just checked the car seat and gate checked the stroller. I don't think they limit formula or breast milk in carryons. TSA has stuff about that on their website. She'll be great!

    I'm a little nervous about traveling with James to Vegas in Sept and St. Louis in Oct. A one year old is MUCH more active. Uh oh.

  2. I am told a pacifier is helpful in unplugging their ears during landings and takeoffs.
    Just sayin'