Friday, September 24, 2010

Raudababy Too - 33 weeks

So the nesting has reached a crescendo with the kitchen renovations finally complete. All that's really left on our to-do list before this baby comes is install the floors in Violet's new room so we can buy her big girl bed and move her into her new room soon enough that she has time to adjust before RT arrives.

Honestly, I'd probably keep riding the nesting train, but I think Jeff's had all he can take. I tested this the other day when I bent down to inspect the grout in our shower and declared that we might want to remove it and replace it. To which I got a much deserved "Seriously, Regina. Stop." So the grout is fine as it is.

Other than that, everything is fine with the pregnancy. We'll know in a few weeks if the baby is still breech and if so what options we have. "Please flip RT, please!"

This baby continues to be quite the kick boxer, and I'm still convinced it's a boy. Yesterday, Doreen Lorenzo, the President of frog design told me it's a boy. And she would know right, since she's a CEO.

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