Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blue Birthday Party

So what's the deal behind a blue party theme for a girl named Violet? Well, Jeff and I were trying to decide for her what theme to go with, but we ran through all the options and just weren't feeling inspired. So...duh!...we asked the birthday girl what kind of party she wanted and she said "blue". So that's how it happened. Suddenly we were inspired and excited about planning. We asked everyone to wear blue, the menu included blue cheese sliders, wings with blue cheese dressing, salad with blueberries and blue cheese crumbles, and blue velvet cupcakes. Of course we served Blue Moon beer, blue Gatorade, capri Sun and blueberry soda. The kids played with blue rubber balls in the yard all day then took them home as party favors.

Violet has lots of cousins so I think we had about 40 people at our house. And did I mention it was raining.

Here's a rare shot of the party girl sitting still, i.e. refueling. She's soaking wet and so happy!

A few of the kids taking a break from the bounce house.

Obligatory cake-face photo

Yup, we're the proud and stunned parents of a two year old. Where did these past two years go?!?!?

I'm pretty sure we forgot to feed Violet at the party. After people were leaving she grabbed the bowl of blueberries off the table and started shoveling them in. I admire her dedication to the theme.

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