Thursday, May 12, 2011

Violet 2.25 years, Vivian 6 months

It continues to be fun and truly awesome watching the girl's development. Lately Violet is talking up a storm and her recall is amazing - things we've done or told her - she doesn't forget a thing. She can drink from a "grown-up glass" and likes to try to dress herself. She's even starting to use the potty again. One of her favorite things to do is make up songs. Ask her to sing for you sometime, she will do it. She's a good listener, a great big sister, and she's very even-tempered.

Vivian will go for her 6 month well-check on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to her weigh-in since she has an insatiable appetite. We needed to start her on "solids" a month before Violet ever did, and she has never once NOT finished a bottle. Seriously...where does she put it all?!? She's completely sitting up and prefers to look at the world this way. She's also very alert, watching and grabbing at anything in her reach. She's still very bald, but as we know - bald is beautiful!

Together, they are a team. Violet loves to play with Vivian - bringing her toys and hugging her. Vivian lights up when Violet come around and never takes her eyes off her.

Jagger's face has turned even more gray.

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