Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Already a fun weekend and it's only Saturday night. Olivia took the girls for a sleepover at her house last night, which meant that Jeff and I were able to enjoy a sushi dinner and take in a movie. But the best part was being able to get up in the morning and sit around drinking coffee. I vaguely remember this from the "pre-V" days. As lovely as it was, Jeff and I both missed our girls a lot and couldn't wait to go pick them up today.

This afternoon we co-hosted a crawfish boil at our neighbor's house. It was a ton of fun and all the little neighbor girls played so well together. So glad I took the time to get Violet changed into dry clothes - just in time for her to jump in the pool shoes, socks and all!

All-in-all we ate 35lbs of crawfish, and nearly floated a keg. I'd still be working on the keg if Vivian didn't insist on her bed time (lightweight!). Good times on Emmett Parkway!

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