Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Operation: "Evict Boogies" - For Real This Time

Tomorrow is the big day when Violet will go in for her surgery. Looking forward to this time tomorrow when it's all over. I'm feeling quite anxious, but not because I'm worried about the surgery; more because I'm worried that Violet won't understand why she has to do this and that she might be scared. That makes me sad. Also, she doesn't have any fear of the doctor and she likes going to see her pediatrician and her specialist. I'm really hoping this experience doesn't make her afraid to go back to the doctor. Like the time we drove down to South Padre Island and for months afterwards she didn't want to get in the car, she wanted to walk everywhere because she thought we were going to take her on a 6 hour car ride to HEB!

On a lighter note, Dr. Thompson the ENT surgeon looks like Daniel Tosh and I think that's amusing.

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