Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update On Our Patient

Violet is home now and resting comfortably from her surgery. She was a trooper this morning, very happy (aka clueless) when we got there and was happy to greet all the doctors and play with the toys in the waiting room. When the doctors took her back she was very brave and apparently was asking the Anesthesiologist for a purple mask (not the pink one they gave her). Good news is they had the right color so she was very interested in that.

The surgery itself was successful. Doctor said she had an active infection (no surprise) and her adenoids were HUGE. He also was able to open up her sinuses with the balloon and did not need to remove any tissue. So all in all he expects she should see a lot of improvement from this ordeal.

Not such a smooth ride coming out of the anesthesia. She was flailing and crying in a horse cry I'd never heard before and her eyes were wild. Obviously she was disoriented and scared and a little sore so I laid in the bed with her and we reassured her. She got much better as the anesthesia wore off. Actually when we were cleared to leave she didn't want to; she wanted to stay and finish the movie we were watching (A Bugs Life), so we did.

Because of the infection, she will have to complete yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics and a steroid, but after that she is expected to make a full recovery.

Little sister, Vivian, apparently missed Violet at the park this morning. She was happy, but didn't play as usual. They are buddies and even Violet perked up when Vivian came to see her once we got home. Very sweet to see how much they love each other.

We're so proud of you big girl, Violet. It's over and we hope you start feeling much better soon. We love you!

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