Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pretty Please

She's growing so fast, and I'm trying like hell to take a mental snapshot of each month as it goes by. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to freeze each individual moment in time, it's already hard to remember, yet impossible to forget. I write this blog as much for the family and friends who don't get to see Violet every day, as I do for Violet so she'll have a record of her first year, and for me - so I can look back whenever I want to. Good news is, there will only be more and more to look back at and remember.

Kind of like a movie with a really intricate plot, I feel like the past 6 months have been so amazing and so intense. And while I feel like I've been in the moment for all of it, I still feel like I want to rewind, and watch the movie again, so I can pick up on all the little subtleties that I might have missed the first time around.

Tonight while I was rocking Violet, getting her ready to sleep, she started smiling at me and touching my face. She was grabbing my mouth and my nose and smiling. As we played and giggled I was saying to her "Are you going to be my Little Bitty Baby forever?". I don't know if I was asking or begging.

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