Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rochester Visit

Violet enjoying her boat ride on Grandpa's boat. Later we stopped at Chimney Bluffs to swim and Violet was cracking up at us jumping into the water.

Violet with Grandma. This photo was taken at the Eagle Island picnic where Grandma and Grandpa got to show off their grand kids.

Long time friend Karen, her daughter Megan and friend Don. Karen was in town for her and Rene's 20-year High School reunion. It was great to see her.

A visit to Rochester wouldn't be complete without being able to see Traci. Violet and Anna played together for the first time.

Violet being held by her soon-to-be Aunt Elizabeth, Grandma and Great Grandma. We ate tons of steamed clams and sweet corn out on the deck!

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